Month: July 2016

The Ice Queens – Chocolate Fudgesicles

Ice cream has always been a key snack and dessert in my childhood. I can easily remember those hot summer days where I would simply put my hand into the freezer and feed on these decadent chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavoured ice cream, whether they were store-bought or traditionally made. However, they did contain a lot of refined sugar, cream and ingredients I no longer want to swallow. Now that the warm weather seemed to have cast its massive and boiling veil over us, I felt like revisiting these amazingly refreshing childhood ice creams, but with a healthy twist this time. And believe me, they will feel like a relief in the sweltering heat! These popsicles are so delightfully creamy and insanely rich and tasty, you would not believe what’s happening to you when

The 6 Best Things to Eat Before a Workout + Big Surprise

As you might know already, I am yoga addict. I’ve been practising for more than two years now and simply fell in love with its philosophy, its hot but tolerable toughness, its range of exercise and my amazing teachers. I will explain my yoga practice/life more deeply in a following article, but for now, I wanted to share with you all a very big surprise! Half a year from now, my yoga instructor told me that they were having a very special event at my studio during the summer holidays. I was intrigued but hesitated for quite a while actually. I was wondering if it was worth it, spending that much money is such a thing, ore whether I shouldn’t have better to do it abroad. But after a while, deep thoughts and inner discussions, I knew that I wanted to take that opportunity, going way further on my yoga journey….

Revolutionary Salty Buckwheat Granola

I am not counting the days since I’ve started eating homemade granola in the morning anymore. I’ve created many different variations, from a chocolate flavoured one to a cardamom and vanilla one. I guess I was bound to come up with another of these achingly delicious recipes; however, I wanted to twist things over and try something new: making it salty! I know that might sound weird and a little unconventional, but trust me, you won’t regret trying it out! For this first version, I’ve mixed different types of cereals as well as grains, a mix that gives the granola a earthy, savoury and crispy taste, which is simply marvellous. The acidity and lemony taste of the zests perfectly contrasts with the maple syrup’s sweetness and the whole grain mustard’s spiciness.

Monday Motivation – 18th of July 2016

“Let us live for the beauty of our own reality” – Charles Lamb I’ve been thinking a lot about writing such an article. But if you’ve been wandering through my “About” section, you might have noticed that everything that is related to our vision of our own body and our definition of beauty is very dear to me. I know that it might sound strange on a food blog, and that some people that cannot understand that might judge me for what I am about to share; but I am not doing this in a self-pity way, or trying to show off. What I am aiming at is showing you all that look is unhealthily essential in our society, and that people who are suffering from body distortions, eating disorders, or simple feelings of self-disgust are more present than we think. For last week’s National Nude Day, I posted a special photo on Instagram, which served as a brief introduction to today’s article. This very special Monday Motivation is going to be about our definition …

Bowls Collection – The “Green Goddess Summer Salad”

It is summertime! Well, if you’re leaving nearby, you might have noticed that the sun has just left us for a little while; it will hopefully be back at the end of the week…hopefully! Anyway, what I want to share with you all today is supposed to bring a little sunshine in our lives and a whole lot of goodness as well! I created this recipe because I always loved eating while respecting some kind of “colour code” (which certainly comes from my OCD hihi!), because there’s not only the taste of a meal that matters but its beauty and benefits as well, and finally because coming up with a fresh yet simple and quick summer recipe was one of my own challenges (+ because “Green Goddess” has always been a title that I wanted to use!). What I love about this salad is that there are many different ingredients, but that they all merge into some kind of delicious swirl…which will hopefully leave your tastebuds levitating!

5 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water in the Mornings

Something that has been part of my daily routine for about a year now is drinking warm lemon water. Starting the day off with a glass of this has made a huge difference for me. First, it helps waking up your digestive system as well as getting it ready for the day. Secondly, I found that focusing on morning rituals and trying to stick to some kind of routine works as a great jump-start for the day, helps to align my body with the nature’s rhythms and brings a little regularity and self-discipline, which is quite reassuring! I guess there’s nothing simpler than preparing a lemon water. What you have to do is simply juicing half a lemon into a glass of warm tap water (about 250 ml) and sipping it directly for a healthy morning kick.