Month: August 2016

The « You’ll never guess what is in there » Green Pizza + Giveaway!

Even though this might have been the first thing that disappeared of my kitchen two years ago, pizza somehow succeeded in making its way back into it, and in the most delicious way. I remember those merry family childhood moments, when smiling at the news that we were eating pizza, when we were all preparing it together as a family, or when we were invited to a “Homemade Pizza Party”. These were beautiful moments of sharing, are beautiful memories, but now belong to the past. From now on, I am ready to create new ones, but with an entirely different composition this time. Say Goodbye to grains or white flour, and welcome what appears to be the king for a day…

Cacao Chia Pudding & Raspberry Cream

Chocolate and raspberry has always been my favourite combination. I do not know how to explain it, since my entire family seem not to be approving, but this is just it; whether this is in brownies, cakes, chocolate bars or basically any type of healthy food that mixes both…well I am in heaven! After one of my numerous scrolls on Instagram, I spotted many different pictures involving these ingredients and I directly thought that it might be a good idea to share my very own recipe… First thing on the following morning for me has been to run to my kitchen and start putting ingredients together, tasting, failing, waiting, trying again, decorating, and shooting… the whole recipe making process. In the end, after a successful recipe trial and taking many shots I was very proud of, I ended up eating both glasses, which is something that was not planned at all but so incredibly delicious.

Late Summer Dinner – Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Tahini Dreamy Quinoa

Since the day I have jumped on this digital adventure with you all, I must admit that my life truly has changed. I will not go through all the details but let’s just say that health and lifestyle speaking, having a blog really motivated me to take even better care of myself, my nutrition, health, look and body. It’s not to say that I was not healthy before, but just that it reinforced all these things I aspire to do/be/become. Thus, I have been focusing on my Warm Yoga practice a whole lot, an activity that means everything for me at the moment. For this is a very demanding practice, and that I am trying to be a plantbased eater as much as possible, I really need a sufficient protein intake to help me rebuilt my muscles and keep my organism on good track!

Going Nuts! – Homemade Nut Butter

When I first heard about nut butter, I do admit being sceptical about its benefits. And my instinct was not mislead at all, for a huge amount of the store-bought nut butters contain additives, unhealthy oils, sugar, etc. Anyway, many things you would not like to absorb. And there’s another problem: the good and organic ones that only contain nuts are crazy expensive…! That’s when this tip becomes handy. When I first discovered that I could actually make my own nut butter, I was totally thrilled, jumping like a grasshopper all around my kitchen, with my blender working full speed (and my best friend filming…)! As soon as I started eating healthy, nut butter has been my core ingredient, the answer to most of my pains and sorrows.

Monday Motivation – 15th of August

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”. – Oprah Winfrey In the last “Monday Motivation” article, I shared my take on Oprah Winfrey’s beautifully written book What I know for sure. Going through it again this week, one specific phrase really amazed me and seemed to be echoing just perfectly with what I was living at the moment. If you’re not a yoga practitioner, you might not know that after a class, for the final five minutes, we’re lying on our mats, in Savasana (aka. The Body Pose), eyes closed, feeling all the emotions and sensations that are going through our bodies. This is the perfect time for the teacher to share something personal but yet universally recognised, some philosophical thoughts or even an emotional and heartfelt story. What our teacher told us a few days ago is so true and yet so hard to apply on a day-to-day basis: “Focus on what you’re doing well, on what …

The Yogi Menu – Light, Spicy & Loaded with Good Energy

After several discussions with my best and wisest advisers, hours spent to reflect on and design new recipes, hundreds of shots taken, a new idea came in like a light bulb turns on…sharing originals, whole & tasty menus, either being designed for an entire day plan or for one special occasion. Throughout this brand new series, you’ll get to have little peeks of what I eat in a normal day as well as having access to many more healthy, simple and thematic recipes. As you might have learnt throughout my Instagram account, I am right in the middle of a Hot Yoga Teacher Training. I guess that describing this marvellous experience, which is not over yet, would be senseless for now, and way too long I admit. Since I have not yet grasped all the beauty it has filled me with so far, talking about it seems not to be relevant. Anyway, throughout the following weeks, I’ve eaten quite the same food from day to day, testing my body, health, resistance as well as my …