Month: October 2016

Autumn Flavours Stuffed Pumpkin

I am pretty sure you’re all familiar with the pumpkin carving tradition of Halloween; if there’s one thing Europeans do at that time of the year, if not dressing up, organising huge parties or trick-or-treating, is carving pumpkins and giving them scary, fancy, mesmerizing or cute looks. In my family, we’ve never carved any pumpkin, or on rare occasions only; therefore, I must say I would have been quite on a different planet if I was to carve pumpkins…But I found a way to transform that tradition and thus make everyone happy, by creating a new recipe using my “carving” and creation skills (and I emphasize the inverted commas)! Please welcome this year’s Queen of all pumpkins, the “Autumn Stuffed Pumpkin”, with its soft, sweet and shiny crown, and its tender and luscious envelop. I always loved stuffed vegetables; I mean, how could not we like those juicy hot tomatoes, sweet and tender red peppers or even more incredibly, smoothly delicious sweet potatoes, all stuffed with healthy and whole ingredients? But this pumpkin is even …

Healthy & Raw Wicked Pumpkin Pie

What would be a Halloween party without a proper dessert, a delicious, easy, impressive dessert you will feel proud of and your guests will thank you for. The first time I ever tasted a pumpkin pie actually was in Vancouver, where I’ve been able to prepare an entire Thanksgiving dinner. This is when I was still eating processed food and despite my sweet tooth, I did not really enjoy the famous pumpkin pie. Two years after, I thought it would be a good idea to make my own healthy version of that pumpkin pie. I am not hiding that this recipe might be slightly caloric, but just slightly; but the point of eating healthy is not about counting how many calories we ingest but how much goodness. What’s more, you should just tell people you used time, love and happiness as ingredients…that’s what I did at the Halloween party I attended yesterday…it did not work, but that’s just because they know me by heart!

Halloween Bloody Raw Chocolate Squares

For a highly sensitive soul like myself, it should not be allowed to watch dramas, well at least this is not recommended. Even tough I might seem quite strong on the surface, I am the kind of person who’s still crying after the film credits, and still three days after them; that thin-skinned person who’s actually desperate even if she knows these situations did not really exist. Anyway, that to say I invited a friend over for dinner this weekend, and we had the laziest movie night ever: Millet, Lentil & Mustard-miso Stuffed Peppers, Kale Salad, Hot Cacao and “Me Before You”. Bloody hell that movie was simply incredible! I am usually not a fan of those cheesy romantic stories because I then picture my own life and always end up depressed, the hand stuffed into my granola jar…but this one is not the same. Not only are the actors just sensational, the characters very touching and endearing, but the story seems to be unfolding like golden thread, and you cannot do anything but watch, …

Cardamom Roasted Squash, Marinated Wild Rice w/ Chives, Chilli & Lime + A Cashew Cream

What I truly adore about autumn not only are its beautiful sceneries, the reddish leaves flitting around in the cold breeze, the hot cacao cups and huge comfy and soft jumpers, but all its deliciously healthy vegetables. I suppose we are all familiar to those dark nights, heading back home in the cold, our body chilled to the bone, desperately looking forward to eating that large bowl of pumpkin soup that seems to be the only existing thing that could warm us up. I love those moments and even though the whole process before actually the warm soup might be incredibly tough, it really fits in the depiction I have of what a genuine cold day is. However, to be earnest, as much as I like all kinds of soup, I believe that we all know what a pumpkin soup looks like and am kind of getting tired of them. It would therefore be incoherent for this little autumnal short story to be followed by a soup recipe. Today, I wanted to show you another …

Awfully Delicious Breakfast – Maple & Cinnamon Chia Pudding

I cannot get used to time flying so quickly; it seems that as soon as I get accustomed to a situation, things are changing again, swapped for even more beautiful things though. It feels like we’ve just entered autumn, and yet, here we are, getting much closer to Halloween and the much colder season than ever. Even though this is quite unsettling, I kind of love how life is unfolding, giving us a little magic to dream on every single day. That rapidity also makes me realise we should all be so thankful to wake up the morning after, simply because life could stop at any time…But enough of this gloomy talk, let’s move on to something way more delicious – the very beginning of our Halloween Treats Collection!

Friday Inspiration – Roasted Pepper Brown Rice Salad w/ a Sage, Miso & Mustard Dressing

Brown rice is to healthy eaters what money is to penny-pinching people…in a nutshell, eatable gold! We’re told that brown rice has much more fibres, minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese…) and proteins than regular white rice, by virtue of being unrefined and whole. More minerals, and especially manganese means more harmony in your body and all round better nervous and reproductive systems, more proteins means more energy available and more muscles (well, after a though process we usually call sport…) and more fibres means happier, lighter and healthier guts!