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8 Ways to Love 2016 & Make 2017 Glow (or any other year!)

I plead guilty for I have sinned. Well, if you consider not publishing anything for a month a sin! I indeed had to take some time off, away from social medias and from my digital world for several reasons. First, if you’ve been following me on my social medias, you might have understood that I’ve lost someone incredibly close to my heart. Therefore, as my holidays were kind of messy, full of unforeseen events, horribly sad moments, I did not have the heart to publish a thing. I felt like my entire being has been knocked down; I could feel my cells drained from all their energy. I tried to write from time to time, but what came out either where blank pages or dull lines of words, tasteless, emotionless. I believed it to be the right choice not to share anything with you all, as I really wanted to take time for myself as well as keep that place a universe of happiness. However, now that I am starting to feel myself again, I can assure you that my cells are going full speed, providing my entire body with colourful and powerful energy, giving my mind and muscles the desire to get on my mat as much as possible, to create new content, to develop my world, meet people and organise what’s going to be a genuinely awesome year!

So, I know it is quite late for that, but first: Happy 2017 peeps (+ Happy January!). Secondly, it’s been scientifically proven that more than half of the people drop out of their new year’s resolutions before the 14th of February. Well, let me tell you this: before giving up, try to use those eight ways to turn your resolutions into everlasting intentions! Enjoy the read…


#1 Reflect on 2016

As human beings, it is quite common to be stuck in the past because of things we regret doing (or not doing), to dwell on the past when we should actually be building our present and future. Whether it is reflecting on what wounded you, or what brought you on a high, it is important to reflect on the past. Not only will it prevent you from doing the same mistakes again (if mistakes exist…I would consider them more as experiences), but it will make you grow, turn your emotions into action, motivate you to achieve even more, and notice that even if you think your year as been a disaster, well it has not been that of a failure! Let’s turn the past into progress together; let’s forget about perfection and work for our own definition of excellence. So take a piece of paper and spread it entirely on it; let go of it, and if you need a little help, here are a few questions for you to start with:

  • What were your greatest successes this year? What did you achieve?
  • Did it require a lot of work? What kind of work was proved to be useful?
  • What were your “failures”? Why did they happen?
  • Three things you’re most grateful for. Three things you’ve learned (about yourself or in general). Etc.

#2 Declutter Your Space & Social Medias

Go through your various digital spaces (computer, documents, social media channels) and get rid of all the things you no longer use. We’re looking for space here, so that you can welcome some more joy, spontaneity and positive thoughts; and for that, you’ve got to let go of things that hold you back. Get rid of groups, Facebook friends, and even some social medias all together if it makes you feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Be careful though: If you hang on to your social medias, make sure to follow only people that inspire you, that bring you joy, that make you smile and that motivate you and encourage you to live your own journey. Never feel discouraged not derailed. Never try to compare yourself with them – life is not just like the things you see on social medias – just look at my Instagram Story for a good laugh and some self – mockery; cause in the end, nobody’s perfect!

#3 Create a Morning Routine

It’s been shown and widely understood that what we do first thing in the morning usually pace the way for our entire day. It impacts on our creativity, our motivation, our efficiency, our physical and mental health alone. Work on creating a healthy, uplifting, relaxing or motivating morning routine that gives you good energy for your day and for the entire year ahead.

What you have to do is figuring out things that correspond you (you and only you); whether it is waking up early to meditate, to do some yoga, to workout, to read the newspaper or a simple book, the things you like doing in the morning will not be the same as the other person you saw on a video, as your friend or anyone else by the way. But what I can assure you is that snoozing on your alarm, rushing round all morning long and not eating breakfast is not a good start – that’s for sure!

So to create a relaxing and magical morning moment, morning routine, for you to feel powerful and energised is to set an alarm clock and take the habit of waking up always round the same time, to spend time for yourself and to sit down for breakfast. You’ll soon be tiptoeing gently all round, everyone wondering where you’re taking all that glow from!


#4 Focus on Yourself a Little More – Do something for YOURSELF only

That might sound a little selfish, or self-centred, but it is not at all. I am sure you’re all familiar with what they say when giving you the safety instructions in a plane: “place your own oxygen mask before helping others out”. Well it is basically the same thing. You have to breath, to create your own space, to listen to your needs, your body, to take care of yourself and to do the things you like before anything. Whether it is a joyous moment to be silent, still, digging into a book for 30 minutes every night, making space for painting, walking through the woods behind your home, listening to meditation podcasts. Just commit to this very same thing every day. It gives a pattern to your life, it gives you something to hold on to when things are bad. It gives you space to glow, refill your energy and then help other people.

Do not just say it to yourself, but write it down daily, know that this time is scheduled to be your time, not anyone else’s! You are valuable, you are important, you are a human being, we’re all equal, so make sure you have time before giving it to others.

#5 Learn to Let go

This is actually the oddest thing ever. I still do not get why us, human beings, like to carry all that baggage around. We like to dwell on things that belong to the past. We seem to be nurturing ourselves from what’s way behind us. Whether this is emotional, physical or mental baggage, it tends to fill our mind and every single of our actions with confusion and anxiety. Why not letting those things go?

If you feel like emotions are drawing you back, you might want to learn to forgive, not forgetting but forgiving, so that you can free yourself of what’s keeping you back. You might want to go back on those emotions, understand their root, and slowly erase them from your mind. You might want to remember about all the good things that surrounded that emotion, so that you can cover it with positivity. If you feel like physical things are holding you back, well, declutter, make some space, put away some decorations, some clothes you no longer us. Making space in your home and in your mind gives you so much freedom; simplicity, minimalism, and space are healthy and they feel good.

And what helps a whole lot is creating a bullet journal, a bucket list, a dream list, or anything to organise your days, weeks, months and year – if you keep it organised, you’ll be way less prone to anxiety and fear.

#6 Create More Memories

We all set goals for ourselves, milestones we need to reach in order to feel satisfied, happy, joyous. But when racing for those so-called goals, we actually forget to enjoy the present. And happiness is not ahead of you, waiting at the finish line; it’s actually trying to slow you down, to tame you. You’ve got to enjoy the present to notice that happiness is actually not that far away.

I am not saying goals are not important; they are essential if we want to give our life a certain pattern. What I am saying is that we should not be only thinking about those, so much that we forget to enjoy ourselves, listen to our body, our feelings, our emotions. Anchor yourself in the present, notice how beautiful life is, write down that special moment you would not want to forget all week, month or year long – a night by the fire, a great book, a warm hug, an unexpected kiss. Anything that is worth taking a unique place in your mind, that is worth cultivating.

And instead of counting goals, calories, followers, or scores, count your memories – count your happiness.


#7 Bind more Relationships

This is easy to say, as reality is not a social media – you cannot “unfollow” and forget about an actual person that simply. What I am advising here is to be aware of those friendships that give you butterfly in the belly, that uplift you and make you feel like you’re unique, beautiful; and for those which make you feel like you’re not worth it, that bring along waves of negativity and despair, well, you probably would want to let them go.

Create some kind of list or friendship that you want to strengthen this year, allow yourself to speak at any time, to be vulnerable, allow them to help you as much as you’re helping them. Enjoy those people as much as you can, cause in the end, what does the future holds right ?

Life is much better when shared with people – that’s something we can agree on!

#8 Read More

I am talking about actual paper here, no more online article and blog posts (well, that would be going against myself here – so I would add “unless this blog” haha ;)). Turn of the computers and phones, and get that finger going from page to page, not scrolling down a screen. I know this is easy to say, “turning off you phone”, especially in the night. But whenever I turn it off at least an hour before bed, my sleep and dreams actually are much better; and it gives me something to look forward to in the morning – see if someone dear sent me a message (haha!).

Take some time to read, to grow, to feel, to laugh, to cry and to create that space for all the things you’ve got to learn from beautifully written pages. It will transform you in the most magical way. I swear there’s power in between those lines, and it’s not that difficult to absorb it – just read.




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