Month: April 2017

8 Ingredients Pancakes – A Simple, Quick & Mouth-watering Breakfast

I am a breakfast person. And as far as I know, I do not believe there is something trendier than pancakes for breakfast. Even though some other breakfast ideas do attract the spotlights, such as chia puddings, healthy granolas or smoothies, I’ve never seen so many pancakes on my Instagram feed or on the Internet. And the reason is we, food bloggers, are creating healthy versions of them, which do attract people’s attention more and more every day. I’ve been asked multiple times to share a pancake recipe on the blog, and I guess those people’s dreams have come true! (For a non-vegan recipe, you can click here !) There is nothing else you would want to wake up to; there is nothing else you would want to pour maple syrup on; there is nothing else you could sacrifice your sanity for. Well, let’s be honest, if you have got someone to prepare them for you, that’s even better. Waking up to those beauties is like discovering a hundred banknote in the side pocket of …

Ras-el Hanout Carrot Soup with Crushed Pistachios & Coconut Milk

Ras-el Hanout is a North African spice blend that is traditionally made out of the merchant’s best spices. It is usually added to savoury dishes, meat or fish, stirred into couscous or rice, but I believe it to be delicious with all the things, especially soups and winter or spring vegetables. There is no definitive composition of spices that makes up ras-el-hanout, but it actually is up to every family, shop and merchant to choose from all their spices; however, if you’d fancy a little precision and do not like the unknown, here are the fourteen usual spices it consists of: cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, coriander seed, ginger, allspice, chill peppers, nutmeg, mace, peppercorn, paprika, fenugreek and turmeric. It’s a red-gold powder, which actually is quite sweet but can really be sprinkled on top of everything. If you do not know what to do with a few rotting vegetables, a pumpkin or even some Kale

Easter Almond Scones w/ Coconut Yogurt & Raspberry Jam

I feel like I’ve kind of always been sensitive, not in an emotional way (of course, but that’s not the point here), but more in way of being affected by change, and that from very early in life. Whatever may the change be, related to the seasons, the temperatures or the weathers, just as well as environmental changes in general, I am so deeply affected by it that my emotions, mood and energy levels are all topsy-turvy. I do love change, which helps us break away from our own routine, from our habits, which makes us do things we would never have done, take risks, put ourselves in question. But as much as I love it, those emotions, mood and energy rollercoasters that come with it are very much tiring. For instance, since we’ve passed the Spring Equinox, I’ve been feeling either on a high or very tired and drained energy wise, as if this astronomic event has changed something in me. I do not know how you feel about that, but what I know …