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25 Reasons to Love Your Mom Like Nobody Else in the World

Happy Mother’s Day Peeps! To celebrate those lovely and unique beings, I wanted to share with you all something a little more unusual. I do not feel like there is a need of a specific day to celebrate my mother, but it still nice to be reminded to take her for granted. My mother is a warrior; she has been there since day one, and even though I literally, physically and mentally put her through hell since then, she never gave up on me and loved me so deeply I can’t even understand. She is the one who gave birth to me, who went through pain, horror, doubts and fear for me; she is the one who fed me, who taught me how to walk, who later taught me to believe in myself, who supported me and showed me that everyone is unique and that nobody is worth more than somebody else. She taught me that hard work pays, that ambition would lead me to do everything I wanted, that self-love is the essential and patience is the mother of all virtues. She showed me the way through darkness, and helped me bloom and become the man I am today.

One or many of those things might have echoed with your own feeling. And I sincerely hope it did because there is something beyond understanding to what links a mother and her child; there are things that happen within we will never grasp, a magic to it that makes it even more surreal.

There are thousands of reasons I could find to celebrate mothers in general, and especially mine, but for me not to slaughter my fingers on the keyboard and for you not to get bored, I selected a few pearls – some are dark, some a funny, some are very personal (and I had to put them in) but they all are infused with love.

Whether you are a grandmother, mother or mother-to-be, know that you are loved, unique, beautiful, strong and magic, that offering the gift of life is the most self-devoted act it exists.

Without more adieu, here are those 25 reasons that will hopefully echo with your own relation to your mum!

Thank you Mom, from the bottom of my heart ❤




#1 Half of Your Genes are from her, which is you’re hot AF!

That explains everything…And I don’t know about you, but when both of you and your mum meet in front of the mirror and say “Good Morning gorgeous!”, you know it’s going to be a good day.

#2 Mums always remind us to wear layers so we will not freeze.

I am sure every single mom checks on her offspring before they leave just to make sure they will not catch a cold…or bring some freaking disgusting germs home (but for today, I’ll call that love).

#3 Mums still love us, even though we put them through hell (all life long).

I mean, who else on earth could put up with our nervous breakdowns, teenage angst, flaws and all of those things that other people would have given up on us for. Even when we tell them we hate them they stay and wait, until we come back to our senses. Goddesses!

#4 Mums are always there to give us advice and unconditional love.

Even though those pieces of advice seem to be quite harsh or that they are not what we would like to hear, mothers always speak their mind and are here to catch you if you fall. They have our backs.

#5 Mums (almost) always take your side.

It depends who you’re fighting with, but must of the time, I would say a mother defends her child. Even if you’re wrong, and both of you are aware of that, a good mom will assert the very same thing with the very same confidence.

#6 Mums take care of our health if we are not doing it yourself.

I don’t know about you but she is the one bringing me a cup of tea or a bowl of rice if I am ill, the one holding my hair if my head is over the toilet (an image to describe something distasteful) and is the one who rush to the pharmacy to take those pills I need.

#7 Mums always make your favourite food when you come home or to cheer you up.

Well, to be honest, mine is not. But the fact she acknowledges she is bad at cooking makes her even more adorable.

#8 She is the only person that loves you unconditionally even when yelling at you.

Yes, behind that high-pitched voice and those horrible words she might cast you when annoyed, there is love. And she is the only person on earth who can cultivate that much hatred and that much pure love at the same time.

#9 She is the one who told me to stay with her at night when I could not sleep and thus, made me discover “Desperate Housewives”… Without knowing, she changed my life.

Cause there is no other person than mom to make you discover the best series of your life.

#10 If someone hurts you, moms are not afraid to go to jail for murder.

That’s a fact. Just like a deer protects her fallow deers at the risk of her life, a mother is ready to kick the entire world’s asses for you. Acknowledge that.

#11 She is the one who will reassure you when you’re having those 2 a.m. mental breakdowns/nightmares.

I remember that time my mum helped me go through all my civic rights documents, and therefore stayed up at night with me, before a test I had actually forgotten and remembered about the night before. No one else would have done that!

#12 If she had to give you her heart or sell her soul for you, she would probably do it.

You mum is unique. She can be the sweetest of all angels just as well as the most cunning devil. But still, for you, she would do anything.

#13 She is the first person that comes to mind when one’s in a bad situation.

When waking up from a nightmare, or lost in a jungle on the other side of the world, she is the first person you’d like to hold and kiss.

#14 Mums motivate us to do our best and to sparkle, even when we want to give up.

She is the unicorn waiting for you and throwing glitters at you whenever feeling a little sad or anxious about a certain test.

#15 Mums will never judge you, no matter your decisions.

Of course she is going to tell you if she feels like you’re right or wrong, but without being judgmental. She respects you and your choices to much to do that.

#16 Mums will tell you the truth, especially if your outfit looks dirty, frumpy or that you should not wear yoga pants with short jackets.

On Mondays, I am going to university straight after my yoga lesson, and therefore, am usually wearing (tight) yoga pants and a (short) jacket. She is the first person telling me she feels like everyone’s going to look at my butt, which is totally inappropriate. But when I tell her I do not care, she is totally ok with it. That’s a good mom haha!

#17 She is my yoga buddy.

She is the one who made me discover yoga (she loves it when I say that!) and is my yoga buddy every Wednesday morning. Even though we (sometimes) are fighting, I would exchange that special moment for nothing else in the world.

#18 She motivates me to be a better being.

Because moms see themselves in their children and pushes them forward as they have been/wanted to have been pushed forward. Their only motivation is called love.

#19 Mums are your biggest fans and we should be theirs too.

No matter what you’re undertaking, moms are going to talk about you to everybody, to share all your stuff on social medias, sometimes so much that it makes you feel awkward. But for it comes from their heart and deep desire to help, it’s ok ❤

#20 Mums give you money when you’re too broke.

Well, I used to be. And fortunately, mummy wallet was here. Now that I am a yoga instructor, she asks me to pay for shopping from time to time. I still love her though.

#21 Mums can handle any sass you give them.

Well, nothing else to say. Just try and you’ll see.

#22 She usually is the life of the party and always lit the dance floor, something she passed onto me.

Ask my friends, my family members and every single person who saw my mum and I partying; we are the ones who laugh the loudest and who dance the craziest! We are two birds of a feather! And dropping both of us on a dance floor is like dropping a cheetah in front of an antelope…

#23 Mums are the strongest person in our lives.

Yes they are. They are our pillar, our goddess, our enchantress. And they got through labour for us…pretty strong!

#24 Mums are always ready to gossip. 

No matter if its related to a boyfriend/girlfriend, an outlook on your life/career/studies, on your look, to her friends’ lives, to the lady she saw on the street or to the neighbours, she is always ready for a little juicy chit-chat and a few gossip.

#25 Your mum is the first person who saw you, who loved you & who supported you.

To all the mothers round the world, we love you ❤

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