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Hello & Welcome on The Glow Giver.

I am glad you’ve taken a little time to wander into this little digital world of mine, made of deliciously decadent recipes, healthy tips & other wellness articles. I hope I’ll inspire you enough to make you shine – never forget that it is your journey, your body; I am simple here to advise you on eating, thinking and moving your way to your brightest!

Who Am I? Some kind of healthy and modern hedonist, who enjoys life and many marvellous experiences to the fullest; someone a little quirky, who loves travelling, fashion, yoga and above all life – a little energy ball which thrive on laugh, share, love and food of course!

My Food Philosophy

“Foodwise”, homemade meals are awaiting you, inspired by various travels and cultures, by what I hear or see. We are what we eat after all… I aspire to inspire, to show how healthy food can be simple, delicious and cheap. All of this without all the components that characterize our Occidental kitchens (gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free).

I am not here to lecture you about giving up on all of the food I mentioned before, not at all! On the contrary, trying to cultivate a little freedom in our diet enables us to adapt to every possible circumstance and to condition our brain not to push back unhealthy food. What I would like to achieve is guiding wilful people on a way to a brand new world, full of forgotten or neglected ingredients, of beautiful surprises and longevity. A new love story is waiting for you, reader. Do not only read these lines, let yourself be tempted…

People often ask me: “If your diet ignores pasta, pizza, white bread, dairy, white sugar, meat…well then, what do you eat…air, tofu, or worse, seeds?”. The answer is quite simple, and if you’d like to discover it, let me drag you along into a wonderful and unknown land…Ready ?


My Digital Universe

My blog? A little universe full of amazing recipes which fill my existence with nutrients, energy and pleasure; a special world where I let all my ideas, passions and inspirations fly around, hoping to be able to share them with you. I do write in English, although my mother tongue is French, simply because I love this language and its meaningful and gorgeous vocabulary. What’s more, you’ll get to see my lyricism and lack of concision, which is something I am hardly trying to avoid, I promise!

All the things you might find here will nourish your mind, body and bowl, will make you beautifully grow and bloom. Apart from healthy recipes, you’ll find lifestyle articles, yoga postures and sequences, and a thousand and one other healthy things, infused with happiness. I would like to help you finding the healthiest, hottest, brightest and most beautiful version of yourself!

My most essential message: everyone’s unique, every body’s different, every organism interact in its particular way with the environment; thus, this world is made out of things that correspond me, but that are here to inspire you and help you discover what really suit you. Do not take my words and thoughts for granted; question them, cherish whatever you love and throw away all the things you do not! Do that with consciousness and self-love, listening to your body and to your heart.

How it All Started…

My name is Marius Diserens. Picture a young man, full of energy, rather thin, large green eyes, black retro glasses, with a tiny bit of Bree Van de Kamp but a little “greener”! However, I have not always been like so.

Five years ago, I got into college. Back then, I was quite small, a little fluffy (you know, like a cloud), cheerful and bright, but a little lazy and without any real passion to motivate me. At that time, I had never felt the urge for a change, because after all, my diet was not weird at all: I literary never ate fruits, not a lot of fish, a few vegetables, but a whole lot of meat, sweets, pastries, industrial cereals, stacks of starchy food…anyway, I was a little glutton, a sugar addict. As far as I was concerned, sweets were full of energy and thus, I could not even imagine avoiding them…

Yet, only a year later, that I started being in serious trouble. While a few ideas were starting to establish inside my head, some kind of unreachable slenderness and an deep self-aversion, watching all these normal and muscular men around me, we discovered that I was suffering from a “Cardia Gap”. This is a congenital malformation of the cardia (a muscle that is located in-between the stomach and the oesophagus, which contracts when the digestion is on and works as a separation), and therefore, in my case, it simply does not exist.

img_8266  Version 2

The gap became bigger as I grew up, causing acidic raisins. Burns. Disturbing smells. Serious pains. Headaches. On top of this, I lived a sweeping change: I stopped doing sport, changed all my habits, starting with my personal behaviour as well as my gestures. The most impressive change surely involved my diet. Overnight, I pushed aside sodas, gums, and any kind of greasy, sweet or salty food.

That had not been too difficult for me, as I simply had to channel the iron will I had in eating on another purpose: not eating. And that’s when the vicious circle began.

Throughout secondary school, I was growing up and living a big change of behaviour, becoming more stressed, anxious, hard working, energetic, a little foppish maybe, but most importantly, I started reducing my food intake. My restrictions were increasing as quick as my body was growing…and slimming.

“First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” – Rob Gilbert

Right at the beginning of this turnaround, I felt like being fully supported by my friends, relatives and family, but then, noticing that it was unstoppable, I saw their smile fading into something that looked more like worry, deep concern and sometimes sadness. A great many of them came and tried to talk to me, asking if everything was all right or if I was not “ill”; my answer would always be negative, profoundly certain that everything was indeed perfect, under control. But their attention, coupled with my distorted certainty, was sinking me even further.

Once my college degree under the belt, I had the extreme luck to meet incredible people, to make a humanitarian trip to India and then to fly away to Vancouver, for a language study vacation. There, I discovered what freedom really meant, taking advantage of all the things that city, its people and my friends could offer. Although, I also strengthen my already strict rules, started starving myself, which pushed me down that abyss I’ve been digging myself until then.

Back in my dear Swiss home, by my friends and family, we spent what we could call tumultuous end-of-the-year celebrations. I could see pity and great concern within my family, friends as well as unknown people’s look. I could feel a certain tension or awkwardness while socializing; every subject simply became sensitive to address, especially food, and despite all sorts of efforts to help me realise the problem, I continually closed my eyes…

Version 2

And Then I Realised I Was Sick…

From the end of all these celebrations, things just collapsed. I’ll certainly remember my friend’s action for a very long time: she kind of summoned me at her place and once there, tried to get me to listen to reason, asking me to react, stop destroying my own self without any consciousness of what was at stake…and just a few tears were streaming down her face. But they were enough. Enough for me to make the first move, but not to realise something was wrong. This friend might not be aware of it but without her help, I would certainly not be here, writing these words to you. All my other friends and family’s help is not to be forgotten as well…

I then started to see a psychiatrist and a nutritionist, who quickly lit up the fact that the world I had been creating myself was unreal, harmful and that I was, well and truly, ill: I was suffering from anorexia.

Yes. Having lost seventeen kilos in the space of two years, only weighing fifty kilos for one meter eighty of height, weighing scales being my best friend and the mirror being my worst enemy, mesmerized by my bones, their curves, shapes and appearance…the problem suddenly became obvious.

From that precise moment, in January 2015, my existence shifted, thanks to healthy eating. Indeed, I am more than convinced that healing would have been much more difficult without this new diet, which has simply revolutionised my life. I had just started my nutritional pilgrimage…

The more I was eating, the more my spirit was changing, as though my illness was sucked up out of my body; I was discovering a new way of eating, which truly nourished all my cells, gave me my shape and smile back, wiped away my sufferings, my veins and my whiteness. It was simply enabling me to glow!

I jumped then, as Alice did, in a gloomy rabbit hole, of which I would never have imagined the marvellous openings; and I do admit that as far as I am concerned, there was nothing crazy about the so-called “teatime”…!

When I was announcing my friends I was anorexic, some never saw it coming and others were not surprised at all. It perfectly shows that when you’re ill, you tend to be completely convinced of your mastering the situation or not having any problem; your own actions create a veil between yourself and the reality. You’re forging yourself a false identity and the seeming control actually backfires.

Controlling everything is a sensation of real power, but twists one’s mind; it’s hidden behind a will to disappear or an urge to stand out, and pushes one to act so unconsciously.

img_9813   img_8179

Rising From the Ashes…

Today, healthy in body and mind, I’d like to speak up and share all the experience and knowledge I gathered, throughout what’s been the toughest and most decisive experience of my life, but one of the most enriching and healthy as well. A year ago, I sincerely could not ever have imagined accomplishing such a thing, this is just incredible; I’ve learnt how to eat normally again, to build myself an entire new identity, to accept myself and last but not least, to learn how to be happy.

My dream, by sharing through this blog, is to turn what’s negative positive, to spread some light, happiness and health, and if successful, I could consider myself as completely satisfied! It is this glow, that people usually relate me with, which I would like to spread on my way…

What I desire the most is to show how is a healthy diet delicious and simple, that it is way more than tasteless vegetable juices and bird seeds, being able to enjoy sumptuous desserts, meals, dips, spreads and sweet treats. The key is simple: you should not be afraid to integrate some healthy precepts into your lifestyle and should eat better, not less. It is an opportunity to discover new flavours, cereals, flours, legumes, oils, fats, etc. What I will be sharing here will make you feel full of energy, love your body and your life even more. Mother Nature is going to assist us on our great adventure together, and what she’s got to offer is just splendid. But things do not stop there! Apart from this culinary world, now that I am the proud owner of a yoga teacher certificate, it is with great joy that I welcome you into this second world, the one of all bodies and elegances. (Click here for more information!).

I sincerely hope to be capable of sharing all the things I’ve learnt with you, from my experiences to my new philosophy, of making you smile and discover new meals as well as thousands of other interesting things and simple, of enabling you to glow!

Lots of love,




  1. isa Verdan says

    Magnifique Marius! bravo à toi! super bien écrit, drôle et intéressant. Tu es un warrior! t embrasse fort et suivrai ton blog avec zizir ( c’est qui celui là?) c’est le plaisir!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ton message me touche beaucoup! C’est adorable! Si jamais tu ne l’as pas encore fait tu peux t’abonner par mail et comme cela tu recevras tout directement! Je t’embrasse fort aussi!


  2. heidi says

    You are amazing Marius. Im very happy to know you and to be able to share a small part of your voyage. My oldest daughter also suffered from an eating disorder, and to this day still struggles with it. Its so hard for everyone to deal with , and you’ve certainly done a wonderful thing by writing about it and finding a new way to look at food and nutrition.

    Bisous Heidi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s no words for me to express how I feel about your comment Heidi, thank you so so so much! I am delighted to be able to include you in this voyage & must admit that yoga played a huge role in me going through this illness! Thanks again for everything Heidi. Love 😘


  3. Bessire says

    Mon cher petit Marius (ou poulet pour les intimes), que dire… Depuis le jour où tu as lancé une anodine conversation sur les bancs de l’uni, tu n’a cessé d’être un rayon de soleil distillant sa joie, sa bonté, son humour, ses folies, autour de lui, m’arrosant telle une petite plante verte de motivation et de courage. Car ce courage tu le connais et le puises loin, dans ton coeur et ton passé.
    Je suis très heureuse d’avoir fait ta connaissance et je suis très heureuse, voire impatiente (!) de te lire au fil des jours, des semaines, des mois et des prochaines années 😉 Merci Marius de nous faire croquer la chaleur du soleil !
    Bisous… la petite poulette, le doudou ou encore le chaton de l’uni 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Un ENORME merci pour ces mots, qui m’ont beaucoup touché et marqué. Je suis heureux d’avoir eu un tel effet sur toi jusqu’à présent et souhaite que ceci continue. Merci à toi d’être présente à mes côtés et de me soutenir au quotidien! Je ne saurais quoi dire de plus, mes mots se perdent dans un flot d’émotion (hihi)! Je te renvoie tes bisous en les multipliant par milliers 😉


  4. michellespore says

    I finally took a turn to read about YOU! What a beautiful, evolving story you are. Please do not stop sharing your glow and hope. If you’re ever in Seattle let me know and we can say hello and spread joy and drink coffee (or tea!). Sincerely, Michelle (@mspore on Insta)


    • Awe, I am touched by your words Michelle. This is so adorable of you to take time to do that. Hope it’s inspired you a little. Of course! I would gladly meet you dear – I’ll let you know for sure. I’ve been there once but a year before even starting my blog haha! Warmest to you dear, Marius ❤


  5. Randomly on Instagram I found your Profile and I was really touched by a post and the beauty of your words. Now I’ve read your story, about this young brave man with a lot of passion and love in his heart. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a great inspiration. Please, keep it up!

    All the best & warm regards, Kathleen

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awe Kathleen. I am just so overwhelmed right now, cannot find the words. I am so deeply touched by what you wrote, I am very very pleased you saw all those things within me and I am glad you feel a little inspired. It means the world (I am crying right now – kind of sensitive!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ All the best to you darling!


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