Feminism. An essential yet divisive word. As I was growing old, I never thought of myself as a feminist; I did not know what it really meant, what it really involved, how strong its meaning was. Even when I started this whole healthy adventure, I knew it had some kind of importance in my life but did not really grasp it. And then it hit me. After watching the launch and evolution of HeFor She, a solidarity movement created by UNWomen, whose ambassador, Emma Watson, has always been a huge inspiration, I started seeing it all coming into place. I realised something was wrong in our society. Let me explain.

First of all, gender equality. Not only is it not achieved at all, sometimes even more in the northern countries, even though our cultures and traditions have melted together and are considered less “rigid”, but it’s sometimes not even considered essential by our politicians and elites. What worries me the most is that I feel like placing men over women has become some kind of norm; whether these are sexist comments and actions, they are set in stone and we do not even think about them anymore…it’s just normal. Secondly, gender stereotypes. Let’s be clear, if you know me or simply paid attention to my pictures and texts, you might have seen or guessed that I do not fit in the masculine stereotype at all. Moreover, as someone whose gender identity has been one of the most difficult things he had to deal with, I feel like it’s my right and even duty to speak out. Men should feel concerned about feminism as much as women. Why ? Because gender stereotypes usually prevent them from opening themselves, from feeling and expressing themselves; these norms actually confine men into moulds they are not born with but learn and usually have to fit in.

Activism is a big word, I reckon. But it’s a way for me to show that I am ready to make a change. That explains me using the feminine form instead of masculine form when writing (usually). I would love to do even more, to be able to raise my voice even higher and try to make a change in today’s world, in our society, as small/big as this change would be. I have planned on working in that area or at least focus my studies onto that specific subject, and hopefully, I’ll be able to make something out of this urge in the future. For now, you should not expect any feminist articles from me, nor anything else actually. I’ll keep working in the dark, indirectly trying to inspire and induce a change into the people who are ready to listen. Whenever I feel things are impossible, or that my doing something is useless, I remember about two of my favorite quotes. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. “If not me, who ? If not now, when ?”.

PS: I do really care about the environment, as well as all the endangered species problem and the fact that we, human beings, are actually destroying our planet. But I believe eating healthy, locally, and trying to minimise our carbon footprint by avoiding useless waste is already a big step to a greener and healthier earth. This is also why I am trying to inspire you all to be more aware of that, and without force nor judgment, trying to create that community of aware and healthy people, who also are ready to make a change! Hurray Peeps! ❤