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The Hummus’ Dance – Three Delicious Ways

I sincerely do not think there’s something better than a freshly made hummus. And I feel like eating it kind of all the time! More seriously, hummus is actually my “to-go” food whenever not in the mood to cook something complicated, or receiving friends over or organising some kind of dinner party. I love it and could eat it by the bucket load, especially since it’s very creamy, filling and that you can pair it with almost everything. On a lazy evening, I would probably with greens, veggies, rye bread or quinoa, so that I can be sure to have some kind of protein intake. I’ve playing round with hummus recipes, as I wanted to offer a few other types than the plain one, and those really are my favourites. For a little sweetness, I would definitely go for the carrot one. If you like it to be a little spicy, the beetroot one is the one to choose. And if you like it savoury and very tasty, well prepare the sundried tomato one…it’s to …

The 2016 Christmas Gift: A Cranberry, Apple & Ginger Chutney

As there’s only one day left to wait before Christmas (or two…I always get mixed up anyway! It depends on when you’re celebrating it I believe haha!), I guess we’ve all put out hats, smiles and Christmas decorations (What !?) on, ready to swing and have fun with family and friends. You might be already well prepared, all your gifts done, your eyebrows waxed, whatever clothes you’re going to wear ready for you on a chair…well guess what? I am not at all! My eyebrows are waxed indeed but my gifts are far from done, my clothes are far from chosen and I can hardly think about all the things I have to do before tomorrow at midnight. As I am writing this article to you, I am actually putting my yoga gears on to leave and teach a yoga class, writing a shopping list for tomorrow’s Christmas gifts and eating the avocado on toast I forgot downstairs (forgetting my own food…that must be the Christmas spirit!). If you can picture yourself in the exact …

Going Nuts! – Homemade Nut Butter

When I first heard about nut butter, I do admit being sceptical about its benefits. And my instinct was not mislead at all, for a huge amount of the store-bought nut butters contain additives, unhealthy oils, sugar, etc. Anyway, many things you would not like to absorb. And there’s another problem: the good and organic ones that only contain nuts are crazy expensive…! That’s when this tip becomes handy. When I first discovered that I could actually make my own nut butter, I was totally thrilled, jumping like a grasshopper all around my kitchen, with my blender working full speed (and my best friend filming…)! As soon as I started eating healthy, nut butter has been my core ingredient, the answer to most of my pains and sorrows.