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Friday Inspiration – Roasted Pepper Brown Rice Salad w/ a Sage, Miso & Mustard Dressing

Brown rice is to healthy eaters what money is to penny-pinching people…in a nutshell, eatable gold! We’re told that brown rice has much more fibres, minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese…) and proteins than regular white rice, by virtue of being unrefined and whole. More minerals, and especially manganese means more harmony in your body and all round better nervous and reproductive systems, more proteins means more energy available and more muscles (well, after a though process we usually call sport…) and more fibres means happier, lighter and healthier guts!

Bowls Collection – The “Green Goddess Summer Salad”

It is summertime! Well, if you’re leaving nearby, you might have noticed that the sun has just left us for a little while; it will hopefully be back at the end of the week…hopefully! Anyway, what I want to share with you all today is supposed to bring a little sunshine in our lives and a whole lot of goodness as well! I created this recipe because I always loved eating while respecting some kind of “colour code” (which certainly comes from my OCD hihi!), because there’s not only the taste of a meal that matters but its beauty and benefits as well, and finally because coming up with a fresh yet simple and quick summer recipe was one of my own challenges (+ because “Green Goddess” has always been a title that I wanted to use!). What I love about this salad is that there are many different ingredients, but that they all merge into some kind of delicious swirl…which will hopefully leave your tastebuds levitating!

Mister Quinoa – Fresh Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes & Raspberry Summer Salad

Summer has been quite good to me so far. I’ve started my holidays a month ago already, which is something that a few of my friends did not fully appreciate (but I certainly get why hihi…jealousy!), and am now ready to start working more, not for the blog only, simply because I find holidays tiring after a while. I guess I am now ready to move on and get a little more active because I finally got my university results. These were very good, even though one was hard to swallow. I feel grateful as well as proud looking at them, simply because after all the things I’ve been through for the past two years, succeeding at university while creating my blog and keeping some social relationships was my sole goal…and as far as I am concerned, I’ve reached it with excellency.

Beluga Lentils, Fennel & Sweet Potato Salad

Il y a quelques semaines déjà, afin de célébrer l’été et de profiter d’un agréable moment entre amis, j’ai décidé de lancer ma première « Dinner Party ». Le principe est très simple : inviter quelques-uns de ses amis, préparer un repas de l’apéritif jusqu’au dessert, préparer un endroit convivial et élégant de réception et tout ceci avec le plus grand des plaisirs. Puisque c’était une première, il est vrai que je n’étais pas autant organisé que je l’aurais souhaité, et il ne m’en reste d’ailleurs aucune photo. Mais malgré cela, j’ai eu l’occasion de cuisiner et tester de nombreuses recettes, qui ont, a mon plus grand bonheur, ravi les estomacs de tous. La recette d’aujourd’hui a donc pour la première fois été servie à ce repas et a, en quelque sorte, été créée pour l’occasion. Dans cette salade printanière, nous pouvons retrouver des saveurs épicées, qui se marient parfaitement avec la douceur de la patate douce ainsi que celle du sirop d’érable ; le fenouil apporte une pointe de fraîcheur et de croquant et les lentilles, quant à …