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Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

An early-autumn evening, round the equinox. Nights are getting longer, colder, and we’re all gathered round that large wooden table, tastebuds quivering, waiting for dinner to be served. The yoga retreat vibes were high, sharing laughs, heart-warming chats, positivity and love round. In a slow and delicate dance, our hosts started to place large plates under our nose – filled with an orange liquid, crowned with a dash of olive oil and radish sprouts, a mouth-watering, oriental and spicy smell coming out of them. Eager to taste it, we digged our spoons like one man – and there, replacing the joyous noise, a complete silence settled. The sound of happiness and contentment. The squash’s sweetness coupled with some delicious lemongrass, spicy ginger and creamy coconut milk – a game-changing soup. I had to ask for more. And I had to recreate it at home. So here you are. Enjoy! Yoga Retreat Inspiration: Spicy Butternut Squash Soup Portions: 4 people. Preparation time: 25 minutes. Cooking time: 45 minutes. Ingredients For one portion of curry paste: 2 …

Ras-el Hanout Carrot Soup with Crushed Pistachios & Coconut Milk

Ras-el Hanout is a North African spice blend that is traditionally made out of the merchant’s best spices. It is usually added to savoury dishes, meat or fish, stirred into couscous or rice, but I believe it to be delicious with all the things, especially soups and winter or spring vegetables. There is no definitive composition of spices that makes up ras-el-hanout, but it actually is up to every family, shop and merchant to choose from all their spices; however, if you’d fancy a little precision and do not like the unknown, here are the fourteen usual spices it consists of: cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, coriander seed, ginger, allspice, chill peppers, nutmeg, mace, peppercorn, paprika, fenugreek and turmeric. It’s a red-gold powder, which actually is quite sweet but can really be sprinkled on top of everything. If you do not know what to do with a few rotting vegetables, a pumpkin or even some Kale