One of the most essential things everyone must be aware of is one’s capabilities. Indeed, everybody can move, cook or reflect; that’s just something you have to practice and do with a lot of patience, love, acceptance & creativity.

Inspiring people with my stories as well as with what I do really is important to me; I’ve designed and started this blog in order to trigger little changes in people that are motivated or interested enough in this lifestyle. Therefore, hearing from you all really motivates me and pushes me even further on this very special path. For any inquiry, diet questions, yoga questions, pieces of advice or stories that you’d like to tell, be sure to write to the following address:

My dream is to enrich people’s lives with new ideas and new ways to look at their lifestyle, as well as helping them reaching happiness and opening themselves to what their true nature has to offer; I’ll hopefully be able to achieve that, at least just a little, for everything always falls into place! What are you dreams ?