GG’s Letter


GG’s Letter is a VIP digital club for all of those who are interested in food, blogging, wellness, yoga, healthy lifestyle, creativity & fun! What could you expect from it ? Healthy tips, inspiration, recipes, real meltdowns (aka. what happens behind the scene/screen) & a whole lot of goodness. I just want our universe to be like real life, with small but beautiful advantages. If there’s anything coming up, you’ll be the first ones to know!

When you sign up for GG’s Letter, what you’ll get is the superb GLOW GUIDE, which contains healthy tips for a more balanced life, shopping lists, a one week meal plan, recipes & special yoga poses and sequences. Does that sound good to you ? (NOTE: The Guide will be sent to you as soon as it’s ready, which is why the first email you’ll get, on next Monday, will probably contain it as well!)

If you’d like to get the Glow Guide as well as to join GG’s Letter, simply click on the picture below! 




When you’ve subscribed, you’ll see that it takes a few back & forth emails for you to get to the final step…& you’ll have to wait until the end of the week to get your Glow Guide if you’re subscribing at the beginning of it. I am sorry for that; I’ve got no elves or super electronic computer to do it for me (yet). But you’ll get it eventually, that I promise ❤

All the personal information you’ll share with me will of course stay in the tinniest space on my computer, and will not be shared with anybody but myself!