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Version 2

“Tu dois devenir l’homme que tu es. Fais ce que toi seul peux faire. Deviens sans cesse celui que tu es, sois le maître et le sculpteur de toi-même.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

There’s no secret, no miracle, I do not have any hidden virtue or unknown talent, I am just here, with my determination, my dedication and my courage, facing this world I’ve yet just started to tame. This blog is a way to express and build myself, as I am sharing a hundred and one things, which hopefully will enrich you as much as it did for me.

All life long I fought, and when I was at ma lowest ebb, people shook me and urged me to fight again, not to give up because they trusted me and they knew who I really was deep inside; they did not want to see the one they knew disappear…

The point I’d like to make here is that the people who surround us will always push us forward and help us in building ourselves; but the genuine action solely comes from within, as much from our heart than from our spirit. Whether it be in illness or in the creation of this blog, I’ve always been able to count on my family, closest friends and all the people that love me and whenever I wanted to give up, they were here…

Then, what about my philosophy? Loving and cherishing the people that surround us because they mean good for us, most of the time at least, and act only out of love; fighting as hard as we can for our dreams and ambitions, and if we fail, coming back up and starting again; cultivating our inner richness, grabbing everything that’s within our curious hands’ reach, but above all, being happy and believing in our power to evolve and bloom…cause that’s where freedom is.

This sentimental flight of lyricism serves as a short introduction to what will be at the core of my blog’s pages, which have all been created according to my philosophy. The heart of my recipes, readings, passions and all the stories I’ll share and describe do contain a piece of myself, which is why I found it useful to show you what this heart truly was.

As you may know already, I started this great adventure and created this little online world in order for me to share all the experiences and most importantly the food that simply enable me to glow! However, there’s way more about me, things unrelated to food but still, somehow, related to health, since they all have the same urge as a basis: happiness. Thanks to my yoga practice, travels, techniques, pieces of advice and experiences, I will try to guide you and share what’s, in my point of view, is essential to live fully, entirely fulfilled, without any regrets & with greed of course!

To whomever is reading these lines (yes, I am talking to you right now!), I wish you a very happy reading!