On My Shelves…

More than two years ago, when I assigned myself to a healthy diet and started my revolutionary food transformation, I do admit that I did not know that much about healthy food. But starting with the idea that I had to eat normally again really motivated me in discovering much more. Soon, I realised that the literary world of « Clean Eating » was gigantic, rich & full of surprises.

I’ll skip all the details of my venues in and out of the bookshop, rummaging through and unearthing just as many detailed and greatly illustrated books as others that were insipid and quite annoying…Anyway, among all these discoveries, I would like to present you the ones that I find most inspiring and beautiful, as well as the ones that have the most heart-warming stories. Hopefully, these authors will seduce you as much as they (and there kitchen!) seduced me…


The Extra Virgin Kitchen + The Virtuous Tart by Susan Jane White

Incredibly funny and witty, this women will most certainly guide you through a healthier diet, with her fabulous recipes, ideas, pieces of advices and the little “irish touch” that makes her kitchen totally unforgettable.

The Green Kitchen by Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel

Nonetheless do they have a beautiful family, their Nordic “green kitchen” shows you how easy it is to introduce a little health in your lifestyle while having part-time jobs as well as a family to take care of. Delightfully inspiring, soothing and easy, their kitchen is a total dream.

Juiceman by Andrew Cooper

Let Andrew guide you through clean eating with his liquid knowledge, from juices to smoothies and other great recipes along the way! Successful entrepreneur and dad, he surely will help you drinking the green juices you’ve been afraid to taste so far!

The Deliciously Ella Cookbook + Deliciously Ella Every Day by Ella Woodward

At first, she changed her entire diet because of an extremely rare illness. But she’s now cast on the high roads of healthy food, inspiring lots of people around the world with her simple yet delicious cooking…her recipes are worth the try, I promise!

My Darling Lemon Thyme Cookbook by Emma Galloway

Last but not least, it’s from her white vintage kitchen that Emma’s proposing her fresh and organic recipes, inspired from traditional as well as personal recipes and deeply influenced by the incredible New Zealand ecosystem and nature!

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

Well, here’s a treasure trove! Not only is this book full of deliciously looking recipes, but there are tones of amazing pictures, looks and other lifestyle shoots! It’s not a normal cookbook, the one kind that makes your belly rumble and your eyes sparkle!