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Green Power – Cashew, Basil & Avocado Pesto Pasta

Hello Autumn! I have enjoyed this summer’s warmth, sunlight and flowers but now gladly welcome chilly air, foggy mornings and dead leaves. Thinking about it, it’s weird to notice that we are actually struck in some kind of eternal season circle, each of them succeeding one another; we are living our days, weeks and years at the exact same rhythm, in the exact same order. There is so much fixity in the world in the end, that I believe it is essential for human being to cultivate a spark of uniqueness and quirkiness, something that makes the difference, that break the pattern, that makes you happy and brings a little glow on others people face. Now that we’ve just entered a new month, the time has come to make this one even more beautiful than the previous one. I intend to enjoy myself and follow my heart a little more, not to think about what others are doing and to focus on the present moment, not making assumptions, doing my best and glowing a little …

Belly Bliss – SuperBerry, Avocado & Orange Smoothie

I know I’ve been sharing many different smoothie recipes for a few weeks, and that totally out of the blue. I just realised that the “liquid happiness category” of the blog was a little short on articles, which is why I decided to hopefully please your eyes and bellies with various smoothie combinations for you to enjoy of all their inner goodness. I’ll wait a little longer and am still thinking about giving you my best tips to create delicious smoothies, that do not only taste incredibly but have naturally beautiful virtues – let’s see if I’ll be able to put that down later. For now, let me introduce you to a fruity happiness – today’s Berry, Avocado & Orange Smoothie. I do not think there’s something better on earth than the fresh, acidic and yet sweet taste of berries in the morning. And yes there’s an avocado in this pink smoothie (what the hell is he talking about?! That’s it, he’s crazy…

What about a Healthy & Festive Sunday Family Brunch?

Thinking about it with a mature mind, I do not think there was something more enjoyable as a child than brunching with my family on the Sundays. We actually were only doing it rarely, as it was a special occasion treat, such as for birthdays or bank holidays. But every single time, the whole process of preparing it was grandiose! At that point, the part I was missioned to take care of was the table decoration, and I did adore it; taking our nicest plates out, elegant and shiny glasses and cutlery placed all around evenly, a few flowers here and there. That part did not really changed from what it is today; what has changed is actually the food we prepare (or I prepare for most times haha!). Back then, brunching would mean eating white bread, Nutella, cheese, delicatessen, butter and so on. But now, brunching means something totally different: rye bread toasts, spreads, buckwheat pancakes, chia puddings, fruit salads, smoothies…! And I believe this change is for the better; it’s not only healthier …

The Ice Queens – Chocolate Fudgesicles

Ice cream has always been a key snack and dessert in my childhood. I can easily remember those hot summer days where I would simply put my hand into the freezer and feed on these decadent chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavoured ice cream, whether they were store-bought or traditionally made. However, they did contain a lot of refined sugar, cream and ingredients I no longer want to swallow. Now that the warm weather seemed to have cast its massive and boiling veil over us, I felt like revisiting these amazingly refreshing childhood ice creams, but with a healthy twist this time. And believe me, they will feel like a relief in the sweltering heat! These popsicles are so delightfully creamy and insanely rich and tasty, you would not believe what’s happening to you when

Decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake

As most people around the globe, I guess, I am a chocolate lover. A long time ago, I used to eat chocolate every single day, whether it was a chocolate cake, cookies, bars or drinks, it was good as long as chocolate was involved. However, throughout my illness, I remember being so afraid of chocolate that even thinking about its sweet yet earthy taste in my mouth disgusted me. When I started eating chocolate again, for it is great for one’s health (and it’s deliciously addictive, I concede), I can recall most of my friends’ reactions, which were quite funny after all! Anyway, choosing a “clean eating” diet meant avoiding something I loved all my childhood long: chocolate cake. After attending parties and being invited at people’s houses, without being able to enjoy some dessert, and therefore being quite frustrated, I decided to come up with my own recipe.