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Awfully Delicious Breakfast – Maple & Cinnamon Chia Pudding

I cannot get used to time flying so quickly; it seems that as soon as I get accustomed to a situation, things are changing again, swapped for even more beautiful things though. It feels like we’ve just entered autumn, and yet, here we are, getting much closer to Halloween and the much colder season than ever. Even though this is quite unsettling, I kind of love how life is unfolding, giving us a little magic to dream on every single day. That rapidity also makes me realise we should all be so thankful to wake up the morning after, simply because life could stop at any time…But enough of this gloomy talk, let’s move on to something way more delicious – the very beginning of our Halloween Treats Collection!

Friday Inspiration – Roasted Pepper Brown Rice Salad w/ a Sage, Miso & Mustard Dressing

Brown rice is to healthy eaters what money is to penny-pinching people…in a nutshell, eatable gold! We’re told that brown rice has much more fibres, minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese…) and proteins than regular white rice, by virtue of being unrefined and whole. More minerals, and especially manganese means more harmony in your body and all round better nervous and reproductive systems, more proteins means more energy available and more muscles (well, after a though process we usually call sport…) and more fibres means happier, lighter and healthier guts!

Cacao Chia Pudding & Raspberry Cream

Chocolate and raspberry has always been my favourite combination. I do not know how to explain it, since my entire family seem not to be approving, but this is just it; whether this is in brownies, cakes, chocolate bars or basically any type of healthy food that mixes both…well I am in heaven! After one of my numerous scrolls on Instagram, I spotted many different pictures involving these ingredients and I directly thought that it might be a good idea to share my very own recipe… First thing on the following morning for me has been to run to my kitchen and start putting ingredients together, tasting, failing, waiting, trying again, decorating, and shooting… the whole recipe making process. In the end, after a successful recipe trial and taking many shots I was very proud of, I ended up eating both glasses, which is something that was not planned at all but so incredibly delicious.

Late Summer Dinner – Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Tahini Dreamy Quinoa

Since the day I have jumped on this digital adventure with you all, I must admit that my life truly has changed. I will not go through all the details but let’s just say that health and lifestyle speaking, having a blog really motivated me to take even better care of myself, my nutrition, health, look and body. It’s not to say that I was not healthy before, but just that it reinforced all these things I aspire to do/be/become. Thus, I have been focusing on my Warm Yoga practice a whole lot, an activity that means everything for me at the moment. For this is a very demanding practice, and that I am trying to be a plantbased eater as much as possible, I really need a sufficient protein intake to help me rebuilt my muscles and keep my organism on good track!

Quick & Energizing Breakfast – Raspberry Chia Pudding

Now that I am almost halfway through my « Hot Yoga Teacher Training », it seems important to me to share a few of my month’s favourite recipes to stay healthy, energized and light in the morning. This one simply is perfect for those active mornings when I am running short of time and that my motivation still needs to be awakened. Today’s recipe is bursting with flavours, bringing smiles and happiness along its healthy way. The raspberries’ bitterness contrasts perfectly with the sweet taste of cinnamon, and the nice mix of texture between the almonds and the chia seeds make this breakfast a total winner, filling and gorgeous at the same time.

Brain Food: Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Kale Curry

Ce curry est tout simplement le repas parfait selon moi. En plus d’être complet, il peut être préparé en très grande quantité et ensuite être réchauffé ou même congelé, il est tout à fait adapté pour les soirs frais d’hiver comme de printemps où l’on a envie de réconforter son petit ventre avec un repas bien chaud, mais aussi pour ces soirs où l’on a besoin de faire le plein d’énergie et de bienfaits, que ce soit au printemps ou en été. Après l’avoir créé et cuisiné un nombre de fois juste inimaginable, j’ai pris la décision de le servir à mon vingtième anniversaire; en effet, mon but était de présenter l’alimentation saine à mes invités, et de montrer qu’elle pouvait également rimer avec plaisir et réconfort! J’ai donc choisi ce curry car c’est un plat pas trop complexe et ni trop original qui plaît généralement à tous; et cela a en effet été un véritable succès! Tout le monde m’a fait part de son plaisir et de sa surprise, ce qui m’a comblé et détendu, alors …