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Spicy Pear, Lemon & Almond Winter Cake

I know my Millionaire Shortbread and Chocolate Brownie recipes to be the most appreciated ones on the blog, but I am quite sure this new Winter Cake recipe could have the delicious power to eclipse both of them. I’ve brought this cake to almost every party I’ve joined this year and every single person who tasted it either asked for the recipe or for me to bring them one at home. It is very simple to make, requiring a few basic ingredients, and takes almost no time. I am usually messing my entire kitchen up but I am quite sure you could make this cake only with two or three bowls… What’s more, its lightness and fruitiness would satisfy all types of sweet tooth. What I adore about this cake is that it’s not only very airy, light and fluffy (and thus may be eaten at any time throughout the day – even as a breakfast!), but has the best texture – crunchy a bit nutty, with pieces of fruits that melt into your mouth. …

The 2016 Christmas Gift: A Cranberry, Apple & Ginger Chutney

As there’s only one day left to wait before Christmas (or two…I always get mixed up anyway! It depends on when you’re celebrating it I believe haha!), I guess we’ve all put out hats, smiles and Christmas decorations (What !?) on, ready to swing and have fun with family and friends. You might be already well prepared, all your gifts done, your eyebrows waxed, whatever clothes you’re going to wear ready for you on a chair…well guess what? I am not at all! My eyebrows are waxed indeed but my gifts are far from done, my clothes are far from chosen and I can hardly think about all the things I have to do before tomorrow at midnight. As I am writing this article to you, I am actually putting my yoga gears on to leave and teach a yoga class, writing a shopping list for tomorrow’s Christmas gifts and eating the avocado on toast I forgot downstairs (forgetting my own food…that must be the Christmas spirit!). If you can picture yourself in the exact …

Awfully Delicious Breakfast – Maple & Cinnamon Chia Pudding

I cannot get used to time flying so quickly; it seems that as soon as I get accustomed to a situation, things are changing again, swapped for even more beautiful things though. It feels like we’ve just entered autumn, and yet, here we are, getting much closer to Halloween and the much colder season than ever. Even though this is quite unsettling, I kind of love how life is unfolding, giving us a little magic to dream on every single day. That rapidity also makes me realise we should all be so thankful to wake up the morning after, simply because life could stop at any time…But enough of this gloomy talk, let’s move on to something way more delicious – the very beginning of our Halloween Treats Collection!

Quick & Energizing Breakfast – Raspberry Chia Pudding

Now that I am almost halfway through my « Hot Yoga Teacher Training », it seems important to me to share a few of my month’s favourite recipes to stay healthy, energized and light in the morning. This one simply is perfect for those active mornings when I am running short of time and that my motivation still needs to be awakened. Today’s recipe is bursting with flavours, bringing smiles and happiness along its healthy way. The raspberries’ bitterness contrasts perfectly with the sweet taste of cinnamon, and the nice mix of texture between the almonds and the chia seeds make this breakfast a total winner, filling and gorgeous at the same time.

5 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water in the Mornings

Something that has been part of my daily routine for about a year now is drinking warm lemon water. Starting the day off with a glass of this has made a huge difference for me. First, it helps waking up your digestive system as well as getting it ready for the day. Secondly, I found that focusing on morning rituals and trying to stick to some kind of routine works as a great jump-start for the day, helps to align my body with the nature’s rhythms and brings a little regularity and self-discipline, which is quite reassuring! I guess there’s nothing simpler than preparing a lemon water. What you have to do is simply juicing half a lemon into a glass of warm tap water (about 250 ml) and sipping it directly for a healthy morning kick.