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Achingly Delicious & Spicy Chocolate “Pot-de-Crème”

It’s been a month since the blog celebrated its first ever birthday. It’s been two months since I felt like experiencing a deep change. All my day-to-day events, whether these are enriching or disturbing, feel like being in total harmony, lining up in my life like tiny soldiers. Even the darkest ones do have their place in that happiness equation. Did I need to pass some kind of “one year” milestone? Am I accepting my life, its ups and downs, and all its surprises, much more than before? I don’t know. What I know for sure though is that life is beautiful, and that I’ll announce all those amazing things to you as soon as possible.

Chocolate & Raspberry Nicecream Swirl

I’ve been feeling quite weird this weekend. Maybe it’s all about the rainy weather. The rain drops knocking on my windowpanes. The carrion crows flirting with my doubts and fears, trying to destabilise what’s left of my inner harmony. The wind, swirling round like a mighty being, making me cold and yet powerful, as if I could control it all. I’ve been trying to organise my life, plan my future and find out what the reality could be behind all those dreams. Maybe this was the root of my anxiety. Or the fact that the perfectionist inside of me has constantly been comparing himself with other, allegedly better than him. However, the best is an undefined notion. It does not exist. Well, guess what. The person who’s writing down those lines is not the perfectionist one. It is the dreamy, ambitious, brave and achiever one. The one that wants to climb mountains, to achieve his dreams and embody the change he wants to see in this world. And it feels great! Finding the strength to change …

Healthy Carrot Cake Inspired Muffins

I guess we can all reckon it has been a very intense and emotional three days. I thought about today’s article quite a long time before even starting to write down those words. Even though I want this blog to be a digital world for me to inspire, to show you all how happiness and gratefulness may be found in the simplest ways, I feel like it is my mission to speak out and express my feelings. It is not as if, us food bloggers and even you, dear reader, could avoid what’s happening out there, in the real world. I am not going to fiercely stand up for my opinions here, which might just as well contradict with yours, but I really want to make sense out of those days’ situation, to bring another point of view than the ones we’re hearing across the medias. I want to show that there’s still hope, in every single situatin you’re into, hidden beneath those layers of anger, fear and distress…

Apricot, Peach & Cardamom Summer Crumble

At first it seemed obvious. When wondering about what kind of recipe I could create, I remembered that I shared with you all, what felt like a year ago, my recipe for a Spring Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble. Why not creating a recipe that included the fresh yet tangy tones of summer? Well I guess I’ve just found the perfect match with today’s recipe for renewing what is my favourite dessert on earth! Earlier this summer, I thought I had lost my motivation and imagination never to stop creating new recipes. It was hard for me to picture new flavours’ arrangements, new ways of shooting my plates and meals and innovative recipes. I guess my thoughts were just going everywhere and nowhere at the same time, lost in some kind of anxious whirlwind. What I actually needed was some time to centre myself again, to order my ideas, clean my mind and physical space, and come up with plans and lists. And that’s a wrap! I indeed took some time for me with the teacher …

The Ice Queens – Chocolate Fudgesicles

Ice cream has always been a key snack and dessert in my childhood. I can easily remember those hot summer days where I would simply put my hand into the freezer and feed on these decadent chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavoured ice cream, whether they were store-bought or traditionally made. However, they did contain a lot of refined sugar, cream and ingredients I no longer want to swallow. Now that the warm weather seemed to have cast its massive and boiling veil over us, I felt like revisiting these amazingly refreshing childhood ice creams, but with a healthy twist this time. And believe me, they will feel like a relief in the sweltering heat! These popsicles are so delightfully creamy and insanely rich and tasty, you would not believe what’s happening to you when

Decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake

As most people around the globe, I guess, I am a chocolate lover. A long time ago, I used to eat chocolate every single day, whether it was a chocolate cake, cookies, bars or drinks, it was good as long as chocolate was involved. However, throughout my illness, I remember being so afraid of chocolate that even thinking about its sweet yet earthy taste in my mouth disgusted me. When I started eating chocolate again, for it is great for one’s health (and it’s deliciously addictive, I concede), I can recall most of my friends’ reactions, which were quite funny after all! Anyway, choosing a “clean eating” diet meant avoiding something I loved all my childhood long: chocolate cake. After attending parties and being invited at people’s houses, without being able to enjoy some dessert, and therefore being quite frustrated, I decided to come up with my own recipe.