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Sweet Potato Falafels & Roasted Peppers Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Falafels need to be reinvented, redefined, and remodelled. Even though you may find a few places where they are preparing them in a healthy way, this once healthy food has now become synonym of that greasy junky food people eat because they feel less guilty than eating a burger. Usually eaten in a wrap, I am today offering you another way to enjoy those little balls of happiness: a Buddha Bowl. There is not real definition of what a Buddha Bowl is. What you’ve got to know is that a Buddha Bowl basically is a bowl which you throw a whole lot of goodness in, drizzle some sauce on top and parachute a few seeds or sprouts. Here you are. I am not trying to be bold by saying I’ll revolution them. But I am almost certain you’ll find something delectable in those. This amazing recipe transforms the sweet potato in a crispy yet mushy treat, which is not deep fried in very questionable oil but simply baked. It keeps the fat content quite low …

Green Goodness Buddha Bowl

As soon as the autumn hits, greens tend to get unpopular. There only is a few green vegetables indeed, but they are just marvellous, full of flavours and happiness. Well, here is a great way to add them all to your cold months diet. This is my favourite bowl at the moment, not only because it is very quick and easy to make, but because its taste just is insanely addictive. And since this is one of the healthiest dinner ever, you’ll feel so virtuous after eating it, it’s never been that easy to eat greens! I’ve been asked many times how to eat Kale, and gently sautéing it must be my favourite way; it is tender yet still a little firm, and goes perfectly along with the courgette. The pea puree adds a great creaminess to the dish, as well as a refreshing note, thank to its lemony taste. When it comes to the almonds (well, I actually almost eat them all straight out of the oven…oups!), they bring a fantastic crush, a spicy …

Autumn Flavours Stuffed Pumpkin

I am pretty sure you’re all familiar with the pumpkin carving tradition of Halloween; if there’s one thing Europeans do at that time of the year, if not dressing up, organising huge parties or trick-or-treating, is carving pumpkins and giving them scary, fancy, mesmerizing or cute looks. In my family, we’ve never carved any pumpkin, or on rare occasions only; therefore, I must say I would have been quite on a different planet if I was to carve pumpkins…But I found a way to transform that tradition and thus make everyone happy, by creating a new recipe using my “carving” and creation skills (and I emphasize the inverted commas)! Please welcome this year’s Queen of all pumpkins, the “Autumn Stuffed Pumpkin”, with its soft, sweet and shiny crown, and its tender and luscious envelop. I always loved stuffed vegetables; I mean, how could not we like those juicy hot tomatoes, sweet and tender red peppers or even more incredibly, smoothly delicious sweet potatoes, all stuffed with healthy and whole ingredients? But this pumpkin is even …

Late Summer Dinner – Sweet Potato, Green Beans & Tahini Dreamy Quinoa

Since the day I have jumped on this digital adventure with you all, I must admit that my life truly has changed. I will not go through all the details but let’s just say that health and lifestyle speaking, having a blog really motivated me to take even better care of myself, my nutrition, health, look and body. It’s not to say that I was not healthy before, but just that it reinforced all these things I aspire to do/be/become. Thus, I have been focusing on my Warm Yoga practice a whole lot, an activity that means everything for me at the moment. For this is a very demanding practice, and that I am trying to be a plantbased eater as much as possible, I really need a sufficient protein intake to help me rebuilt my muscles and keep my organism on good track!

Mister Quinoa – Fresh Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes & Raspberry Summer Salad

Summer has been quite good to me so far. I’ve started my holidays a month ago already, which is something that a few of my friends did not fully appreciate (but I certainly get why hihi…jealousy!), and am now ready to start working more, not for the blog only, simply because I find holidays tiring after a while. I guess I am now ready to move on and get a little more active because I finally got my university results. These were very good, even though one was hard to swallow. I feel grateful as well as proud looking at them, simply because after all the things I’ve been through for the past two years, succeeding at university while creating my blog and keeping some social relationships was my sole goal…and as far as I am concerned, I’ve reached it with excellency.