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Liquid Gold in a Glass: Raspberry & Basil Smoothie

This weekend of late March early April has been full of magic: A Celestial Event (Blue Full Moon), the wrapping up of our third 2018’s month and the start of a new one, and finally Easter celebrations. So many empowering and releasing energies all round us, making our dreams and intentions more powerful than ever. I hope that you shared some amazing moments with your loved ones – and that even though you’re reading that later in the year, you are still spreading the love and sharing great times with those round you. I am one of those who do not wait for Spring or Summer to sip on deliciously creamy and satisfying smoothies and actually use it as a base for each and every single one of my breakfasts. There is nothing like a smoothie – or even better, a Smoothie Bowl topped with loads of goodness – to make me feel happy, grateful and full for the entire morning. I am especially in love with this one since it incorporates a little basil …

Chocolate & Raspberry Nicecream Swirl

I’ve been feeling quite weird this weekend. Maybe it’s all about the rainy weather. The rain drops knocking on my windowpanes. The carrion crows flirting with my doubts and fears, trying to destabilise what’s left of my inner harmony. The wind, swirling round like a mighty being, making me cold and yet powerful, as if I could control it all. I’ve been trying to organise my life, plan my future and find out what the reality could be behind all those dreams. Maybe this was the root of my anxiety. Or the fact that the perfectionist inside of me has constantly been comparing himself with other, allegedly better than him. However, the best is an undefined notion. It does not exist. Well, guess what. The person who’s writing down those lines is not the perfectionist one. It is the dreamy, ambitious, brave and achiever one. The one that wants to climb mountains, to achieve his dreams and embody the change he wants to see in this world. And it feels great! Finding the strength to change …

Belly Bliss – SuperBerry, Avocado & Orange Smoothie

I know I’ve been sharing many different smoothie recipes for a few weeks, and that totally out of the blue. I just realised that the “liquid happiness category” of the blog was a little short on articles, which is why I decided to hopefully please your eyes and bellies with various smoothie combinations for you to enjoy of all their inner goodness. I’ll wait a little longer and am still thinking about giving you my best tips to create delicious smoothies, that do not only taste incredibly but have naturally beautiful virtues – let’s see if I’ll be able to put that down later. For now, let me introduce you to a fruity happiness – today’s Berry, Avocado & Orange Smoothie. I do not think there’s something better on earth than the fresh, acidic and yet sweet taste of berries in the morning. And yes there’s an avocado in this pink smoothie (what the hell is he talking about?! That’s it, he’s crazy…

Cacao Chia Pudding & Raspberry Cream

Chocolate and raspberry has always been my favourite combination. I do not know how to explain it, since my entire family seem not to be approving, but this is just it; whether this is in brownies, cakes, chocolate bars or basically any type of healthy food that mixes both…well I am in heaven! After one of my numerous scrolls on Instagram, I spotted many different pictures involving these ingredients and I directly thought that it might be a good idea to share my very own recipe… First thing on the following morning for me has been to run to my kitchen and start putting ingredients together, tasting, failing, waiting, trying again, decorating, and shooting… the whole recipe making process. In the end, after a successful recipe trial and taking many shots I was very proud of, I ended up eating both glasses, which is something that was not planned at all but so incredibly delicious.

Quick & Energizing Breakfast – Raspberry Chia Pudding

Now that I am almost halfway through my « Hot Yoga Teacher Training », it seems important to me to share a few of my month’s favourite recipes to stay healthy, energized and light in the morning. This one simply is perfect for those active mornings when I am running short of time and that my motivation still needs to be awakened. Today’s recipe is bursting with flavours, bringing smiles and happiness along its healthy way. The raspberries’ bitterness contrasts perfectly with the sweet taste of cinnamon, and the nice mix of texture between the almonds and the chia seeds make this breakfast a total winner, filling and gorgeous at the same time.

Mister Quinoa – Fresh Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes & Raspberry Summer Salad

Summer has been quite good to me so far. I’ve started my holidays a month ago already, which is something that a few of my friends did not fully appreciate (but I certainly get why hihi…jealousy!), and am now ready to start working more, not for the blog only, simply because I find holidays tiring after a while. I guess I am now ready to move on and get a little more active because I finally got my university results. These were very good, even though one was hard to swallow. I feel grateful as well as proud looking at them, simply because after all the things I’ve been through for the past two years, succeeding at university while creating my blog and keeping some social relationships was my sole goal…and as far as I am concerned, I’ve reached it with excellency.