“I love his rhythm and sass! Marius & his recipes are both gorgeous.”

– Susan Jane White (The Extra Virgin Kitchen + The Virtuous Tart Author)

“I feel that through our own darkness or struggles one learns to find our lightness. Marius has done so & is now sharing what he’s learnt and giving people courage and strength to stand as they are, on their own two feet. Proud of whom they have become. A genuine heart, an innate kindness & a beautiful smile that instantly make you feel at peace”

– Kerry Caudwell (Nature’s Connection)

Marius is one of those rare gems that shines from his core and radiates his love and enthusiasm where ever he goes. He has a contagious smile and a sparkling energy that imbues creativity and life. Certainly an old soul or at least an early bloomer that knows without a doubt his dharma in life. Now that is a rare commodity!

– Jessica Magnin (O2 Yoga)

“His lessons were, for me, the most perfect yoga introduction, being one of those who were invited to his summer lessons, in his garden. Not only was the place welcoming and full of serenity, but Marius also is very mindful of you understanding everything, as well as correcting us so that we practice in the most harmless way. And he knows how to manage his voice, which is a great asset during intense as well as relaxing moments. Marius’ spirit: “A healthy mind within a healthy body”. It also is a pleasure to follow his adventures on his blog, his beautiful, healthy and colourful recipes!”

– Canelle