The Yoga I Teach + My Philosophy

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Introduction to the World of Yoga

If you try to dig into the yogic world a little, you’ll soon realise there are thousands, if not millions, of different yoga practices. I believe that every single person has its own practice, its own definition of what yoga genuinely means. There are indeed alignements, poses, but there are no truth, there are no such things as a path to follow, as norms, as real practices. There are individuals, beautiful and unique in their own ways. A teacher is not here to teach poses, she is here to teach people.

Which Type of Yoga Should I Choose ?

As I was saying, looking at a yoga studio’s schedule, you might quickly get lost among all those different names and classes: Bikram Yoga/Style, Warm Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Restorative, etc. Are they all different ? Yes they are. Why are they ? Because each of them focus on specific things, meaning one will be more relaxing, another one more stretching, or more strengthening. Some would have mixes of these all. It will actually depend on your teacher. Which one would you recommend ? Well, obviously, Warm Yoga. But to be fair, I would not actually recommend one style, I would recommend you choosing your teacher. What you’d like to do in a yoga room and what postures you like the most are two important things, I reckon. But what is crucial is your relationship with your teacher, how you feel her. Is she sympathetic, is she sharing her knowledge, is she helpful and compassionate ? In the end, what’s really going to draw you back in the room is your teacher, not the poses, because those are changing all the time.

What Are the Benefits of Warm Yoga ?

Warm Yoga promotes balance, strength, flexibility, focus and overall healing and wellness. The heat allows you to go deeper in the postures, this while being safe from injuring yourself, to enjoy an athletic experience as well as an improved circulation. There are actually no levels, but a whole lot of modifications so that every single person, regardless of her flexibility, strength and ability, may enjoy the practice. Warm Yoga is challenging but balanced and fun; it makes you feel lighter, brighter and simply fantastic.

There are five principles you need to be aware of when practicing Warm Yoga:

  • The Heat – which will allow you to stretch deeply or reach your maximum much quicker, increase your heart rate and sweat, which will have detoxifying and cleansing benefits.
  • The Breath – which comes before mouvement, allowing you to unify your body, your mind and your heart. If breathing correctly, you’ll calm your mind while simultaneously strengthen and stretch your body.
  • Stretch & Strengthen – not only a few parts but the entire body, creating balance and harmony inside and out.
  • Relax & Release – because Warm Yoga is a balance between working hard and relaxing afterwards; these moments are essential because they give the body, mind and heart a moment to revitalise and recover. Yoga may be a practice of grace, strength and healing.
  • Grow in Spirit – you should not care about how the posture look but how it feels. Your alignment might be different than someone else’s, but as long as it feels good…you’re good! Listen to your body more and you’ll make a life experience out of your practice.


My Initial Sequence

The sequence I’ve learnt with Tomasz Goetel & Heidi Ulrich is composed of 33 different poses. There are many things I love about this sequence. It is very well constructed, starting with breathing exercices and sun salutations, then doing some standing and balance postures, after which we’re moving on to the floor postures and the real yoga/strenghtening experience. It ends up with 5 minutes of deep relaxation, turning our attention inwards and trying to let go of ourselves, our thoughts. It also forms some kind of life circle for me: breathing exercices, which relates to the birth; sun salutations and standing postures, linked to our life on this earth, then floor postures, the moment in life we take a step back and then Savasana, the “Corpse Pose”…funny isn’t it ? Even though I really love it, I decided not to teach it as I learnt it, not only because I want to find my own voice and my own sequence, and that I want it to be adaptable to the students I have in front of me, but because I sometimes find it too hard on the body, too difficult and too quick (especially if you want to fit in all those exercices). Therefore, I came up with my very own sequence, which looks almost the same as the one I’ve been taught, but with a few twists of mine.

What My Own Sequence Looks Like…

I do not actually have “one” sequence. The poses I am choosing to teach usually change from one class to the next. I want students to enjoy themselves, to feel my soul and heart, to listen to my voice and not somebody else’s; thus, I am adapting it to them, I am trying to find a good balance between what I feel people want and what would be good for them. However, there’s always some kind of pattern throughout my classes, especially when it comes to the very beginning and the standing postures. But regarding my Sun Salutations and floor postures, I am always trying to change them slightly, so that people get multiple benefits & do not get bored doing the same thing over and over again + I enjoy stretching poses and hip-openers, two things we unfortunately rarely do, and always try to integrate them.

If you’ve never been to one of my classes, or simply do not know anything about yoga, I might have lost you for quite a while now. And I am sorry for that! Therefore, what I would recommend you is either to join one of them, I would be glad welcoming you and teaching you, or to contact me and ask whatever question you’d like!

My Yoga Philosophy

My philosophy is actually quite simple: Giving people the best experience I can, while spreading a little sunshine, happiness and glow in their lives. First, I want to share my knowledge, my story and the things I’ve learned, sometimes, the hard way. If I cannot inspire or help others, I believe it all to be useless for me; there’s no such thing as beautiful experiences to be kept from others and not shared, especially if it could help people getting better and living a healthier, happier life. Second, I want people to have the best experience they would ever have. I am not demonstrating but showing, correcting, helping; yoga is an individual practice and yet what’s magic about it is that we get to share so much more than just a lesson. Finally, I just want people to feel at ease, safe and considered as equals; in today’s society, there’s so much pressure on our shoulders all the time, that we do not really get to take a break, to breathe, to focus on ourselves. Making space and filling it with happiness, spontaneity and whatever you feel like filling it with is so much more important than learning to fit in the frame. Be yourself, be inspired, be bright and full of dreams!